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bulk order special package - Same Fabulous Offer @ even reduced price!




Get your choice of Maximum 5 cartoon designs** @ a unbeatable price of $1.00* per name!!!   




Valid for Series A, B** & C** only and with minimum of 30 names for printing




Terms & Conditions

  1. **Maximum 5 different cartoon designs from the same series
  2. **Series B designs: Baker small (BAK), Doreme (DRM), GX YogiOh small (GXS), Keroro (KER), Kerori (KRR), Odie (ODE), Eelctro Boy(EBS), Diego (DGO), Dough's World small (DOU), Fairy Mirumo (FAY), Poko small (POS).
  3. **Series C design: Bamby (BBY), Lady & the Tramp (LDY), Baby Mickey & Friends (BMK), Little Princess small (LPS), Chip n Dale (CHP), Mickey Mouse (MIC), Mickey & Friends small (MKF), Shaun the Sheep small (SSS), Winnie Pooh new small (WPS), Road Runner (RDW)   
  4. No mixing series
  5. Minimum 30 names or more
  6. Eg. 5 names for BAK, 7 names for DRM, 10 names for ODE, 2 names for POS and 6 names for KRR
  7. Mixed series allowed as long there is 30 names or more
  8. Not valid with all other ongoing promotion and 1 for 1 design
  9. While stock last
  10. Promotion ends on 31st Jan 2017 
  11. Seller has the sole discreation to end this promotion early without prior notice




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