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Plain/Commercial Labels


Click on the link below to view the individual sticker
Sticker Color - Dimension - (Sticker Code)

Pink 30mm x 15mm (PIN)
Skyblue 30mm x 15mm (BLU)
4 color 30mm x 15mm (FOR) (New!)
Laser 4 Color Combo (MIX)
Laser 22mm x 09mm (LAS)
Laser 30mm x 15mm (LAM)
Laser 45mm x 25mm (LAL)
Rainbow small 22mm x 09mm (BOW)
Rainbow Medium 30mm x 10mm (BWM)
Rainbow Large 46mm x 15mm (BOL)
Rainbow Extra Large 30mm x 70mm (BXL)
Rainbow Round Diameter 30mm (RBR)
Rainbow Round Diameter 35mm (RRL) (New!)
Rainbow Heartshape (RBH) (New!)
Sparkling Gold small 22mm x 09mm (GDS) (Sold Out)
Gold Large 45mm x 25mm (GDL)
Gold Medium 30mm x 13mm (GDM)
Silver small 22mm x 09mm (SVR)
Silver 30mm x 10mm (SVM)
Silver Large 46mm x 15mm (SVL)
Silver Extra Large 30mm x 70mm (SXL)
Silver Super Large 50mm x 90mm (SSL)
Transparent small 22mm x 09mm (TPR)
Transparent Medium 30mm x 10mm (TPM)
Transparent Large 45mm x 25mm (TPL)
Transparent Heart 28mm x 25mm (TPH)
Plain White 22mm x 09mm (WTS)
Plain White 47mm x 15mm (WTL)
Plain White 70mm x 30mm (WXL)
Romantic Round Diameter 30mm (QHT)
Partycombo 30mm x 10mm (COM)



What Can I Print on these Color Stickers/Labels?


  1. Your Name
  2. Your phone number
  3. Return Address Label
  4. Numbering Label
  5. Product Labels
  6. Picture (Black, Red OR Blue* Color Only)
  7. Almost anything you can think of
  8. 100% waterproof




 20pcs set* 

40pcs set* 

 60pcs set 

 120pcs set 

200pcs set* 

Laser 4 Color/Laser2209/Silver2209/






4 Color/Pink/Skyblue/Rainbow3010/Transparent3010/Silver3010/Gold3013/Party Combo/Laser3015/












Transparent Heart/Romantic Round/Rainbow Round 3cm/Rainbow Heartshape






Rainbow Round 3.5cm (quantity in multiple of 2)/Plain White/Rainbow Extra Large/Silver Extra Large 3cm x 7cm (quantity in multiple of 3)

$0.25/pc with minimum order 18pcs

Silver Super Large 5cm x 9cm

$0.40/pc with minimum order 10pcs

*Pink, Skyblue, 4 color, Party Combo, Gold/Laser (30mm x 15mm), Silver/Transparent/Rainbow (30mm x 10mm), Transparent Heart, Romantic Round, Rainbow Round 3cm, Rainbow Heartshape & Plain White/Silver/Rainbow (3cm x 7cm) print 18pcs, 39pcs & 198 pcs instead of 20pcs, 40pcs & 200pcs.



Ordering must know
  1. You can print with or without picture for all except Oval sticker, only wording allowed for Oval sticker 
  2. Same pricing applicable even print without picture
  3. For 120pcs & 200pcs set, 2 pictures & names allowed
  4. No mixing of color for 120pcs & 200pcs set  
  5. To choose your picture, please visit My Picture Gallery
  6. *Blue & Red color printing is available. 18pcs to 119pcs add $1.00. 120pcs to 300pcs add another $1.00. Thereafter, add $1.00 for every additional 200pcs

Disclaimer: Stickers' color as shown on this webpage may differ from the actual samples. However, we trust that the actual color is much vibrant than what you have seen here.

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