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Thank you for purchasing our products. We respect your privacy. It is our policy to keep your information in this order form confidential. We do not resell or distribute your personal information in any form.
Do a copy & paste of the below questions to your email and sent your orders via email. Or order online now!

Design I want (Sticker Code): Winnie Pooh small (WPS)
Quantity: 60pcs
Preferred font: 15 (optional)
Content to print: 1st line: Chloe Tan, 2nd line: 陈洁仪
My mailing address: 12 Cantonment Close #23-15 S080012

Personal Information
Contact Number
Mailing Address

Design Selected Qty Content to be printed Picture code Font Remarks/Other instructions

*No picture code needed if you are purchasing Cartoon Series*

**You can sms or WhatsApp me the Chinese name if you are unabled to input from here**

***Default font type is font 4 for English / font 45 for Chinese***

**Series D & E print 39pcs & 198pcs respectively instead of 40pcs & 200pcs. Select 20pcs for 18pcs,  40pcs for 39pcs and 200pcs for 198pcs. Select to the nearest quantity if you cannot locate the required quantity you want, otherwise can leave in remarks**

*All other products please order via email*

Important: If you have sent us an online order, and if we did not anknowledge by emailing back to you within 24 hours, kindly email us the order or simply contact us. You can reach us at 9366 9210. Alternately, you can write down your orders and fax to 6423 9455. 

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