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Series E (30mm x 13mm, 22mm x 22mm for square sticker)


  Angry Birds Large (ANB)
  Badtz Maru  (BZM)  (Latest!)
  Ben 10 Large  (BTL)
  BeyBlade  (BEY) (Latest!)
  Big Hero 6  (BHX) (Latest!)
 Gundam Brave Battle Warriors (SDL)
Butter Lion Large (BUL)
 Car Large (CSL)
 Cola Angel Large (CAL)
 Cubbish Large (CUL)
 Disney Princess Large (DPL)
 Doggy Large  (DGL)
 Doraemon Large Diamond Edition  (MLD)
 Dough's World (DouDou) Large (DDL)
 Frozen large 
 Gaspard et Lisa Hello Kitty  (GLH) (Latest!)
 Gudetama  (GUD)
 Hamtaro Square (HTS)
 Hello Kitty 
(HKL) (Latest!)
 Inside Out  (ISO)
 Kuromi & Melody  (KNM)
 LilPri (LPL)
 Marie Diamond Edition Large  (MRD)
 Mickey Mouse New Large (MNL)
 Minions Large 
 Monster Hunter (MHL)
 Monster University Large (MUL)
Nameko Mushroom Large (NKL)
 Naruto Large (NTL)
 Necotan Square  (NCS)  
 Peppa Pig Large 
 Phineas & Ferb Large (PFL)
  Piske & Usagi large  (PNU)
 Pingu Large (PUL)
  Pokemon XY large  (PKX)  (Latest!)
 Pretty Rhythm Large (PRL)
  Power Puff Girls Large  (PPG)
  Rilakkuma Diamond Large  (RLD)
 Robocar POLI Large (RPL)
 Sesame Street Large  (SML)
 Shaun the Sheep Large (SSL)
 Sofia the First  (SOF)
 Snow White Large (SNW)
 Suite Precure Large  (PCL)
  Super Wings  (SPW) (Latest!)
 Tamagotchi Large  (TGL)
  Tenorikuma  (TNK) (Latest!)
  Tobot  (TBT)  (Latest!)
 Thomas the Train Large  (TTL)
 Transformer Large  (TFL)
  Tsum Tsum  (TSM) (Latest!)
  Ultra Man Large  (UML)
  Wan Wan Diamond Large  (SWL)
  Zootopia  (ZTP)  (Latest!)


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Only 120pcs & 198/200pcs set allows you to print 2 different contents, the rest print only 1 content.   Example: 'Name A' 60pcs, 'Name B'60pcs. Or 'Chinese Name' 60pcs and 'English Name' 60pcs. Please note that strictly no mixing of designs.


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