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Series B (22mm x 9mm) (Sticker Code) 

  Kerori (KRR) (Bulk Order Promotion)
  Keroro (KER) (Bulk Order Promotion)
  Kogepan small (KGS)
  Lilo & Stitch New Version (only Stitch images) (STS)

Monkey-D YoYo (MKD)
  Monokuro Boo (BOO) (Low Stock)
 Odie (ODE) (Bulk Order Promotion) 
(Low Stock)
  Pig small (PIG)
Pokemon (PKM)
  PoKo (POS) (Bulk Order Promotion)
  Rilakkuma small (RIS) 
  Seer small (SER)
  Pleasant Goat (XYY)
  Toy Story 3 (TOY)

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Only 120pcs & 200pcs set allows you to print 2 different contents, the rest print only 1 content.   Example: 'Name A' 60pcs, 'Name B'60pcs. Or 'Chinese Name' 60pcs and 'English Name' 60pcs. Please note that strictly no mixing of designs.

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