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A few things to note....

  1. Normally per line can print up to 9 characters, depends on what font you have chosen. Spacing counts. Hence, if your name is about 12 characters including spacing, we would suggest you to print it in 2 lines. Example: 1st line: Jasmine, 2nd line: Heng. Of course if your name is one word and is 12 characters or more, you may go for more compressed font like font 4, 7, 22, 25, 26 etc.
  2. Printing content all in UPPER CASE will take up more spacing thus resulted in smaller print content.
  3. Any size stickers can print 1 line in Chinese characters and the other line in English characters. Please indicate clearly which font to use.
  4. If you are printing English and Chinese Name together on same piece of sticker, please try to keep English Name short so that it will appear nicer and larger. Example: 1st line: Chinese Name, 2nd line: Jasmine Tan SiMin. We suggest to print: Jasmine, or Simin. If you insist, Jasmine Tan is still acceptable.
  5. Font 26 & 27 are compressed font that can print up to 18 characters per line.







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