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Our email is vvsjunior@yahoo.com.sg. 'v' for victoria.

Hp: 9366 9210   Fax: 6423 9455

Finally they're here!!

Check out the latest designs include Transformers 4 Age of Extinction, Nameko Mushroom, Butter Lion, Pokemon Zoroark etc. Check out the lastest 6 Cute designs from Series D!

We are available at:

CUBE I #01-16 Rivervale Mall &  #03-05 Tampines Central 1 

SHINING (Children Sand Art) @ Thomson Plaza #01-68

Please note 'on-the-spot-printing' service is not available @ all outlets. Collection is within a week from date of purchase. 

  • Print your name, phone number, birthday, email address, etc. together with your favorite cartoon characters
  • Use it to personalize your belongings like farecards, stationery, handphone, textbook, electronics gadgets, mugs, toiletries, greeting cards, business cards and/or even red packet!
  • differentiate from fellow classmates with a name sticker on your textbooks, water bottle, stationery, etc.
  • Great for young executives. Add a creative touch to otherwise stifle office stationery
  • Best incentive/encouragement tools for teachers, parents and even tutors
  • Most unique gift for all occasion

Many own a few series. How about you? Check it out now!



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